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How to Recertify

There are a number of ASQ certifications that are lifetime certifications - they have no recertification requirements.  These are:
  • Quality Inspector
  • Quality Improvement Associate
  • Quality Process Analyst
  • Quality Technician
  • Six Sigma Green Belt
The other ASQ certifications do require recertification.  The expiration date will be printed on the certificate and also on the wallet card that were sent to you upon passing the certification exam.
ASQ offers you two ways to recertify.
  1. Accumulation of 18 recertification units during your certification period
  2. Take the certification exam again (the only way if it has been over six months past your expiration date)
For more information on recertification, please visit the ASQ recertification web page or contact our section's Recertification Chair.


Recertification – Is Your Process in Control ?

In an effort to help local members better understand the process for recertification and reduce the anxiety that surrounds it, I am providing these words of wisdom.

Take a deep breath and realize that it is not as difficult as it may seem at first.  If you have been employed in some field that utilizes the principles of Quality Assurance, Control, Management, Regulatory Compliance, Auditing, or Inspection, you probably have plenty of meetings, courses, training and experience to quantify the 18 Recertification Units needed.

As your certification expiration date arrives, one of the most daunting questions becomes “Where did I put all those certificates, records and documents?”  This is common to many of us, simply because we are human and tend to put off that which does not affect us immediately.  After nearly three years, however we begin to fret, wondering if we will have enough RU’s to recertify.  To alleviate this feeling, it is beneficial to keep a folder at your desk or someplace where you always place certificates, attendance badges or receipts.  Then, when you are ready to fill out your journal and application, the only trick is remembering where you placed your folder!

Once your package is complete, please scan all your documentation into a .pdf file and send it by e-mail, with the subject line: ASQ Recertification, to me at:


Mark Martin
Recertification Chair