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Ken Peterson
Quality and Compliance Consulting Partner of MasterControl

Leading Technical People to Enhanced Performance;
Getting the Most Out of Your Teams and Employees

 Leaders navigate daily a myriad of concerns and are constantly challenged to improve team performance. Leaders must motivate, inspire the professionals who directly report to them.  Knowing how to coach, counsel, and train is vital in helping your team meet critical performance objectives.  The roles and behaviors that effective leaders use in each of these situations require different behaviors to inspire and bring a person’s performance in line with expected results. This presentation will focus on three core areas that the very best leaders use to get results from teams and individuals placed into positions of trust and responsibility.  Managers must bring better results from technically focused individuals.  Both leaders and receivers respond very well to the formulas taught in this presentation.  They will learn to:
1. Follow sound PROCESS or methodology that both the leader and the receiver/performer can see as transparent without any
    hidden agendas.  Having a good process allows you to follow a formula that works and can be replicable in nearly any
2. Select correct ROLES (coaching, counselling, training).  These roles help both leader and performer understand what must
    be done based upon past and expected performance and accomplish tasks.  This is very much in the “now” as those who
    report to them work to accomplish objectives.
3. Use BEHAVIORS (listening, defining intentions, creating expectations, decision making, etc.) within the correct role. 
    Knowing what behavior goes with the correct role is vital for success.  Using the incorrect behavior is detrimental to helping
    the employee get the desired results
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Event: Section Members Meeting

Date: Thursday, May 16, 2019


6350 S. 3000 E.
Old Mill III

Salt Lake City, Utah 84121

Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:00 p.m.

This event is open to anyone interested at no charge.
If you would like a meal, there is a small fee.
Please use the registration link below to purchase a meal.

· By attending this event, ASQ members will earn re-certification units.

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