Training & Education

So . . . you've decided to pursue (more) training/education in quality, but are not sure how to begin.  

First, congratulations on choosing to (continuously) improve yourself!  Your decision will help you become recognized (further established) as a quality professional.

There are a number of training and education opportunities available to you: some are local offerings, some are offerings by more distant entities, and some are on-line.

Local offerings:
  • Brigham Young University (BYU):
    • BYU's Professional Development Program is the largest University-based program and the most comprehensive certification training in the world.  The program provides instructor-led training in preparation for all ASQ certifications, including Master Black Belt.  Training is provided at both the BYU Provo campus and the BYU Salt Lake Center.  In addition, custom courses can be given on-site at an organization's own facility.  BYU's courses are also provided live via teleconferencing to anywhere in the world.  For more information, visit
  • Salt Lake Community College (SLCC):  
  • Utah Valley University (UV):
  • Weber State University (WSU):
    • Through their Workforce Training and Education Program, WSU offers quality and supply chain -related courses, as well ASQ certification preparation courses (

Other offerings:
    • A variety of offerings (in-person and on-line) are available through ASQ (  In-person trainings are scheduled at locations around the US (unfortunately, none in UT), and are short and intensive, spanning several days.  ASQ may consider scheduling a local training if enough individuals are interested in the course.
  • Quality Council of Indiana:
  • Types of Engineering Degrees Organization:

As you pursue training/education, you may wish to seek ASQ certification to demonstrate your newly acquired knowledge.  A number of certifications, ranging from introductory level to advanced as well as covering different quality areas, are available.  For a listing and details of the certifications, see: 

If you have other questions, please contact the Salt Lake Section's Education Chair, or other Board member (About Us).